Is MXM Still Active: A Look into the Current Status of the K-pop Duo

In the ever-evolving landscape of K-pop, fans often wonder about the fate of their favorite groups. One such duo that has garnered a dedicated following is MXM. Formed through the popular reality show “Produce 101 Season 2,” this dynamic duo quickly rose to fame with their infectious music and impressive talents. However, as time goes on and the industry changes, fans are left questioning: Is MXM still active? This article delves into their current status, exploring their recent activities and shedding light on what lies ahead for this beloved K-pop duo.

Formation Of MXM: The Origins And Debut Of The K-pop Duo

MXM, officially known as “Brand New Boys,” was created through the popular South Korean survival show “Produce 101 Season 2.” This reality program aired in 2017 and aimed to form a temporary boy group which would promote for a limited period. The final lineup of MXM consisted of members Im Young-min and Kim Dong-hyun, who finished in 15th and 28th place, respectively.

Following the show, MXM signed under the label Brand New Music and made their official debut on September 6, 2017, with their extended play “Unmix.” The title track, “I’m the One,” showcased their chemistry as a duo and their powerful musicality. MXM quickly gained attention for their catchy melodies, relatable lyrics, and their ability to seamlessly switch between different genres.

Despite being a new group, MXM immediately impressed fans and the music industry with their talent and versatility. They continuously released successful albums like “Match Up” and “More Than Ever,” which solidified their position as rising stars in the K-pop industry. MXM’s dynamic performances stood out, and their fanbase rapidly grew larger with each release.

MXM’s formation and successful debut set the stage for a promising career, leaving fans eager to see how their journey continued to unfold.

Successful Releases: A Highlight Of MXM’s Discography And Achievements

MXM has had an impressive track record of successful releases throughout their career as a K-pop duo. From the moment they debuted in 2017, their dynamic performances and catchy music quickly garnered attention and praise from both fans and critics alike.

Their debut mini-album “UNMIX” introduced MXM’s unique sound, blending elements of pop, hip-hop, and EDM. The title track “I’m the One” showcased their infectious energy and showcased their ability to deliver powerful performances. This release helped establish MXM as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Following their debut, MXM continued to release a series of hit albums and singles. Their first full-length album “More Than Ever” solidified their status as talented musicians, with tracks like “Diamond Girl” and “Ya Ya Ya” topping various music charts. The duo’s ability to switch effortlessly between different musical genres further showcased their versatility and garnered them a dedicated fanbase.

In addition to their successful discography, MXM has also achieved notable achievements throughout their career. They have received multiple awards and nominations, including the Best New Male Artist at the Mnet Asian Music Awards and the Golden Disc Awards. MXM’s popularity extends beyond South Korea, as they have also gained international recognition and have successfully toured in various countries.

Overall, MXM’s discography and accomplishments speak for themselves, solidifying their position as a prominent and respected duo in the K-pop industry. Their music and achievements continue to captivate fans worldwide, leaving a lasting impact on the K-pop scene.

Temporary Hiatus: Exploring The Reasons Behind MXM’s Break

MXM experienced a temporary hiatus, leaving fans wondering about the reasons behind their break. In late 2019, the duo announced that they would take a break from activities due to member Youngmin’s involvement in a drunk driving incident. This incident had a significant impact on the group’s image and led to their hiatus.

The decision to take a break was made to ensure that MXM could reflect on their actions and take responsibility for the incident. During this time, they not only focused on self-reflection but also engaged in community service as a way to give back to society and make amends for their mistake. This hiatus allowed them to address the issue head-on and demonstrate their commitment to personal growth and maturity.

Although the hiatus brought disappointment to fans, it also showcased the duo’s willingness to learn from their mistakes and take the necessary time for self-improvement. MXM’s temporary break indicated their dedication to becoming better individuals and solidified their commitment to their career and fans. As the duo emerges from this hiatus, fans eagerly await their return and continue to support their personal growth journey.

Individual Pursuits: Analyzing The Solo Activities Of Each MXM Member

Since their debut, MXM members Lim Young-min and Kim Dong-hyun have been actively pursuing individual careers in the entertainment industry.

Lim Young-min made his acting debut in 2019 with a supporting role in the drama “Love Revolution.” He showcased his acting skills and was praised for his performance, proving his versatility as an entertainer. Additionally, he participated in several variety shows, displaying his humor and charming personality. Young-min also released solo music, delighting fans with his unique musical style.

Kim Dong-hyun also ventured into acting, making appearances in dramas such as “Witch’s Love” and “To My Star.” He received positive feedback for his acting skills, proving that he is not only a talented singer but also a capable actor. Dong-hyun also participated in various variety shows, where he showcased his witty and humorous side, further showcasing his versatility as an entertainer.

Despite pursuing individual activities, both members have expressed their desire to reunite as MXM in the future, emphasizing their strong bond and commitment to the group. The duo’s solo activities have allowed them to grow individually while maintaining their connection with fans, fueling anticipation for their potential comeback.


Reunion Rumors And Speculations: Examining The Possibility Of A Comeback


After gaining significant success during their active years, fans have been eagerly anticipating a potential reunion of MXM. Speculations about the duo’s comeback have been circulating within the K-pop community, fueling excitement and curiosity among their dedicated fanbase.

Although there hasn’t been any official statement about a reunion, several hints and glimpses have hinted at the possibility. Former members of MXM, Lim Young-min and Kim Dong-hyun, have expressed their desire to work together again in interviews and social media interactions, adding fuel to the reunion rumors. Additionally, fans have been quick to spot instances where both members have attended the same events or collaborated with mutual acquaintances, further raising hopes for a reunion.

While the exact details of a potential comeback remain uncertain, fans continue to support and anticipate the reunion of MXM. The duo’s unique musical style and undeniable chemistry have left a lasting impression, making their potential reunion highly anticipated within the K-pop industry.

As time passes and the members explore their individual careers, the possibility of a comeback may become clearer. Until then, fans eagerly await any news or updates regarding MXM’s potential reunion, keeping the anticipation and excitement alive.

Fan Support And Fandom: Evaluating The Loyalty And Engagement Of MXM’s Fanbase

Fan support plays a crucial role in the success and longevity of any K-pop group, and MXM is no exception. Despite the duo being currently inactive, their fanbase remains dedicated and engaged.

MXM’s fans, known as “Veryberries,” have consistently shown their unwavering support for the duo since their debut in 2017. They actively participate in various fan projects, such as organizing fan meetings, creating fan art, and trending hashtags on social media platforms. Social media platforms, especially Twitter, serve as a hub for fans to share updates, photos, and express their love for MXM.

The bond between MXM and their fandom is strengthened through regular communication. The duo frequently interacts with their fans through live broadcasts, fan meetings, and social media platforms. They express their gratitude for the support they receive and make efforts to make their fans feel appreciated.

Despite MXM being on temporary hiatus, the fandom continues to demonstrate their loyalty by patiently waiting for the duo’s return. Their dedication is evident through the continuous streams of MXM’s music, creating fan-made content, and supporting the members’ individual endeavors.

Overall, the fanbase’s active engagement and unwavering loyalty are indicative of MXM’s strong and lasting impact on their fans, ensuring support for their future endeavors.

Agency Support And Future Plans: Discussing The Role Of The Duo’s Management And Future Career Prospects

After their temporary hiatus, MXM’s management agency, Brand New Music, has continued to show support for the duo. Despite both members pursuing individual activities, the agency has made it clear that MXM is still an active project and they have plans for the duo’s future.

Brand New Music has been actively keeping fans updated through official statements and social media posts, reassuring fans that MXM has not disbanded. They have also hinted at the possibility of a comeback in the future, sparking excitement among the fanbase.

The agency’s support can be seen in the duo’s solo activities as well, with both members receiving promotions and opportunities to showcase their talents as individual artists. This not only maintains the duo’s visibility but also allows them to explore their individual potential.

Looking ahead, MXM’s future career prospects seem promising. Brand New Music has a successful track record of managing and promoting artists, and their continued support suggests that MXM still has a place in the K-pop industry. With their talent, versatility, and dedicated fanbase, the duo has the potential to make a successful comeback and leave a lasting impact on the industry once again.

MXM’s Impact On The K-pop Industry: Assessing The Duo’s Influence And Lasting Legacy

MXM, the K-pop duo formed by Brand New Music, has made a significant impact on the industry since their debut in 2017. Comprising of Im Young-min and Kim Dong-hyun, the group has captured the hearts of fans with their catchy tunes and impressive talents.

One of MXM’s greatest achievements lies in their ability to showcase their versatility as artists. They seamlessly transition from energetic dance tracks to heartfelt ballads, displaying their range and musical prowess. Their discography, filled with hits like “Good Day,” “I’m the One,” and “Diamond Girl,” has garnered millions of streams and cemented their place in the industry.

Beyond their musical influence, MXM has also played a crucial role in establishing a new generation of K-pop duos. Their unique chemistry, cohesive performances, and undeniable talent have set a high standard for future duo acts. MXM has inspired many aspiring artists, proving that two individuals can create a powerful force in the industry.

While currently on a temporary hiatus due to each member’s solo pursuits, MXM’s legacy remains strong. Fans eagerly await their return and have shown unwavering support through fan meetings, concerts, and social media engagement. MXM’s impact on the K-pop industry is undeniable, and their lasting legacy will continue to inspire future generations of artists.


1. Is MXM still active as a K-pop duo?

Yes, MXM is still active as a K-pop duo. Despite their members, Lim Young-min and Kim Dong-hyun, participating in the survival show “Produce X 101” in 2019, they have continued their musical activities as a duo. While they have been more selective in their releases, MXM has still been actively promoting their music and engaging with fans.

2. What have MXM been doing recently?

Recently, MXM has been focusing on individual activities. Following the conclusion of “Produce X 101,” member Kim Dong-hyun released a solo album titled “D-HOURS AM 7:03,” which showcased his musical versatility. Lim Young-min, on the other hand, has been active in various television shows and musicals, demonstrating his talent beyond just singing and dancing.

3. Are there any upcoming plans for MXM as a duo?

While specific plans for MXM as a duo have not been announced, both Lim Young-min and Kim Dong-hyun have expressed their desire to continue their activities together. Fans can expect more music and performances from MXM in the future, as the duo continues to pursue their passion for K-pop and showcase their unique musical style.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it appears that MXM is no longer active as a K-pop duo. Despite their successful debut and a promising career, the group has been on an indefinite hiatus since 2019, with both members pursuing individual endeavors. While fans hold out hope for a possible reunion in the future, their current status suggests that MXM’s activities as a duo have ceased for now.

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