How can I get my IMEI number for free: Quick and Easy Methods

Finding your IMEI number can be a crucial task, especially when it comes to reporting a lost or stolen device. However, the process of retrieving this unique identifier for your mobile device doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. In this article, we will explore quick and easy methods that allow you to obtain your IMEI number for free, ensuring peace of mind and facilitating potential recovery efforts.

Method 1: Check The IMEI Number On Your Phone’s Settings

Finding your phone’s IMEI number can be as simple as checking your phone’s settings. This method works for both Android and iOS devices. Follow these steps to retrieve your IMEI number:

1. Open the Settings app on your phone.
2. Scroll down and tap on “About Phone” or “About Device.”
3. Look for “IMEI” or “IMEI number” in the list of information displayed.
4. The IMEI number should be a 15-digit code.
5. You can either write down the number or take a screenshot for future reference.

It’s important to note that the location of the IMEI number in your phone’s settings may vary depending on the device’s manufacturer and operating system. If you are unable to find the IMEI number using this method, try one of the other methods mentioned in this article.

Checking your phone’s settings is a quick and easy way to retrieve your IMEI number without any additional tools or assistance.

Method 2: Dial A USSD Code To Retrieve Your IMEI Number

Dialing a USSD code is a quick and convenient way to retrieve your IMEI number for free. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Open your phone’s dialer app.
2. Dial *#06# on the keypad.
3. Press the call button.

After following these steps, your phone’s IMEI number will be displayed on the screen. Take note of the IMEI number or write it down for future reference.

Using the USSD code method eliminates the need to navigate through your phone’s settings or search for the information on the packaging. It is a straightforward way to access your IMEI number on the go.

Remember to keep your IMEI number in a safe place, as it can come in handy if your phone is lost or stolen. Additionally, having the IMEI number on hand is essential for reporting a stolen device to your mobile network provider for disabling purposes.

Method 3: Find The IMEI Number On The Phone’s Packaging Or Manual

If you are unable to access your phone’s settings or dial a USSD code, don’t worry. Another easy way to find your IMEI number is by checking the phone’s packaging or manual.

When you purchase a new phone, the packaging usually includes important information about the device, including the IMEI number. Look for a sticker or label on the outside of the box that displays the IMEI number. It may be located on the back or bottom of the box.

In addition, the phone’s manual or user guide often contains the IMEI number. You can check the first few pages of the manual to locate this information.

Finding the IMEI number on the packaging or manual is a convenient method as it does not require any technical skills or access to the phone itself. Make sure to keep the packaging and manual in a safe place so you can easily retrieve the IMEI number whenever needed.

Method 4: Contact Your Mobile Network Provider For Assistance

If you are unable to find your IMEI number using the previously mentioned methods, contacting your mobile network provider is another viable option. Your network provider has access to your device information and can help you retrieve your IMEI number.

To get your IMEI number through your mobile network provider, you can call their customer service or visit their nearest store. Make sure you have your account details and any required identification on hand before reaching out to them. Explain your situation and request assistance in retrieving your IMEI number.

Mobile network providers typically have dedicated support teams that handle such inquiries, and they should be able to provide you with your IMEI number promptly. Some network providers may require additional verification steps to ensure the security of your information.

Remember to be polite and patient during the process, as customer service representatives are there to assist you. Once you have obtained your IMEI number, make sure to jot it down in a safe place for future reference, as it can be useful in situations such as reporting a lost or stolen phone.

Method 5: Use A Phone Unlocking Service To Retrieve Your IMEI Number

If you are unable to find your IMEI number through the previous methods, using a phone unlocking service can be an effective way to retrieve it. These services are primarily used to unlock phones from specific carriers, but they often provide the IMEI number as part of the unlocking process.

To use this method, you’ll need to find a reputable phone unlocking service online. There are many options available, so be sure to choose one with positive customer reviews and a trusted reputation. Once you’ve selected a service, follow their instructions to unlock your phone.

During the unlocking process, the service will typically ask for your phone’s make, model, and carrier information. As part of this request, they will also provide you with the phone’s IMEI number. Make sure to jot it down or save it somewhere secure, as you may need it for future reference.

Using a phone unlocking service not only helps you retrieve your IMEI number but also offers you the option to unlock your phone, allowing you to use it with different carriers or in different countries.

Method 6: Check The IMEI Number On The Phone’s SIM Tray Or Battery Compartment

If you’re unable to access your phone’s settings or use USSD codes, don’t worry – there’s another simple method to find your IMEI number. Many smartphones have the IMEI number printed on the SIM tray or located inside the battery compartment. This method is particularly useful if you don’t have access to the phone’s packaging, manual, or if you’ve discarded them.

To check your IMEI using this method, first, turn off your phone and remove the SIM tray or battery. Look for a label or engraving on the SIM tray or inside the battery compartment that displays the IMEI number. It typically consists of a series of 15 to 17 digits. Make sure to note down this number accurately before reassembling your device.

Once you have your IMEI number, you can use it to unlock your phone, report it as lost or stolen to your mobile network provider, or track it using various online services. Remember that each phone has a unique IMEI number, so it’s crucial to keep it safe and use it responsibly.

Method 7: Utilize Online IMEI Databases Or Mobile Tracking Websites For Free IMEI Lookup

If you’re unable to access the IMEI number through any of the previous methods, utilizing online IMEI databases or mobile tracking websites can be a quick and easy way to retrieve it. There are several websites and databases that allow users to perform free IMEI lookups, providing information about the device’s specifications, carrier, and activation status.

To use this method, simply visit a reputable website or database that offers IMEI lookup services. Enter the required information, which may include the device’s brand, model, and carrier, along with the IMEI number if prompted. The website will then perform a search and provide you with the IMEI information associated with your device.

It’s important to note that while these services are typically free, some websites may require you to create an account or sign up for a subscription to access certain details. Additionally, make sure to choose a trusted and secure website to protect your personal information.

Overall, utilizing online IMEI databases or mobile tracking websites can be an effective solution for retrieving your IMEI number for free when other methods are not available.


1. What is an IMEI number and why is it important?

An IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is a unique identifier for your mobile device. It is crucial because it helps track and block lost or stolen phones, assists in network identification, and is required for certain warranty claims or device activations.

2. How can I find my IMEI number without looking at the phone?

If your phone is not physically accessible, you can find the IMEI number on the original packaging or the invoice. Additionally, check your email as some retailers may have sent you the IMEI number when you purchased the device online.

3. How can I get the IMEI number from an Android device?

To get the IMEI number from an Android device, dial *#06# on the phone’s keypad. The IMEI number will instantly appear on the screen. Alternatively, you can go to the device’s Settings, navigate to the About Phone section, and find the IMEI number listed there.

4. Can I obtain my IMEI number if my iPhone is lost or stolen?

Yes, if you have synced your iPhone with iTunes on your computer before it was lost or stolen, you can find the IMEI number by connecting the device to your computer, opening iTunes, and locating the device information. If you have access to the original packaging or the device’s invoice, the IMEI number may also be printed there. If you had previously enabled Find My iPhone, you can also retrieve the IMEI number from the iCloud website.

Final Words

In conclusion, obtaining your IMEI number for free can be done quickly and easily through various methods. Whether it is by checking the original packaging of your device, contacting your mobile network provider, or using the dialer code on your phone, these options allow you to retrieve the IMEI number effortlessly. By having this unique identifier at hand, you can ensure the security of your device, report it if lost or stolen, or perform other necessary tasks that require this information.

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