Does It Matter What Team You Pick in Pokemon Go? Exploring the Impact of Team Choice on Gameplay

In the world of Pokemon Go, one of the most important decisions players have to make is which team to join. Instinct, Mystic, or Valor? While this decision may seem trivial to some, it actually has a significant impact on gameplay. This article delves into the effects of team choice in Pokemon Go, exploring the potential advantages and disadvantages each team offers and how it can shape the overall experience for players. Whether one’s choice is based on personal preference, strategic reasons, or simply wanting to join friends, understanding the implications of team selection is crucial for every Pokemon Go enthusiast.

The Different Teams In Pokemon Go: An Overview

In Pokemon Go, players are given the option to join one of three teams: Team Valor, Team Mystic, or Team Instinct. Each team is associated with a different ideology and legendary Pokemon, and this decision has significant implications for gameplay.

Team Valor, represented by the legendary bird Moltres, values strength and power. Valor members tend to prioritize attacking gyms and increasing their Pokemon’s combat power. Their gameplay effects include increased attack bonuses and the ability to train and battle with powerful Fire-type Pokemon.

Team Mystic, led by the legendary bird Articuno, emphasizes intellect and wisdom. Mystic members focus on analyzing data and strategizing their moves in battles. Their gameplay effects include increased XP gains and the ability to train and battle with strong Ice-type Pokemon.

Team Instinct, guided by the legendary bird Zapdos, values instinct and individuality. Instinct members tend to rely on their gut feelings and intuition in battles. Their gameplay effects include increased chance of finding rare Pokemon and the ability to train and battle with formidable Electric-type Pokemon.

Choosing a team in Pokemon Go not only determines the legendary bird a player will encounter, but also influences various gameplay aspects such as gym battles, raid battles, trading, competitions, in-game events, bonuses, and community engagement. It’s important to consider these factors when making a team choice as they can greatly impact one’s overall gaming experience.

Team Valor: Characteristics And Gameplay Effects

Team Valor is one of the three teams available for players to choose in Pokemon Go. Led by Candela, Team Valor is known for its strong determination and passion for battling. They prioritize strength and power above all else.

Joining Team Valor has several gameplay effects that can impact your overall experience in Pokemon Go. First and foremost, being a part of Team Valor allows you to participate in Gym battles. Gyms are key locations where players can battle and claim territory for their team. Team Valor members can challenge and take over enemy-controlled Gyms, strengthening their team’s presence in the area.

Moreover, Team Valor members receive certain bonuses during Raid Battles. Raids are cooperative battles against powerful Pokemon, and being a member of Team Valor unlocks unique bonuses during these encounters. These bonuses can provide advantages such as increased damage output or extra rewards.

Choosing Team Valor also fosters a sense of camaraderie and community among players. Team members often gather for raids and gym takeovers, strengthening social interactions within the game. Team Valor players can engage in friendly competition with members of rival teams, creating an exciting and dynamic gameplay experience.

In conclusion, choosing Team Valor in Pokemon Go offers various gameplay effects such as enhanced gym battles, bonuses in raids, and a vibrant community to connect and compete with.

Team Mystic: Characteristics And Gameplay Effects

Team Mystic is one of the three teams players can choose to join in Pokemon Go. Led by Blanche, this team represents calmness, wisdom, and an analytical approach to challenges. Choosing Team Mystic has several characteristics and gameplay effects that can shape a player’s experience in the game.

One of the notable characteristics of Team Mystic is its focus on research and analysis. Members of Team Mystic are known for their desire to understand the mysteries of Pokemon and uncover the secrets hidden within the game. This analytical mindset translates into gameplay effects such as increased emphasis on strategy, planning, and decision-making.

Another gameplay effect of being on Team Mystic is the emphasis on defending and controlling Gyms. Team Mystic is often associated with holding and guarding Gyms, making it an ideal choice for players who enjoy the competitive aspect of the game. By choosing Team Mystic, players can collaborate with other team members to strengthen Gym defenses and maintain control over key locations.

Additionally, Team Mystic often receives bonuses and rewards related to hatching and evolving Pokemon. These benefits can provide an advantage in acquiring rare and powerful Pokemon, enhancing the overall gameplay experience for members of Team Mystic.

Overall, selecting Team Mystic in Pokemon Go offers a gameplay experience that values analysis, strategy, and competitive play, making it an appealing choice for players who enjoy a more calculated approach to the game.

Team Instinct: Characteristics And Gameplay Effects

Team Instinct is one of the three teams in Pokémon Go, along with Team Valor and Team Mystic. Led by Spark, Team Instinct is characterized by its focus on instinct and trusting one’s gut feelings. Choosing Team Instinct grants players access to certain gameplay effects that differentiate it from the other two teams.

One of the main characteristics of Team Instinct is its emphasis on individuality and independence. Players who join Team Instinct often value personal choice and intuition over strategy and analysis. This reflects in the team’s gameplay effects, as they excel in training and evolving Pokémon through feeding candies to power up and evolve their Pokémon quickly.

Additionally, Team Instinct has a special ability called “Zapdos’s Thunder Shock.” This ability increases the chances of finding Electric-type Pokémon in the wild while decreasing the encounter rates of Rock- and Water-type Pokémon. This gives Team Instinct players an advantage in capturing and training Electric-type Pokémon.

In terms of gym battles and raids, Team Instinct players receive benefits when fighting alongside teammates from the same team. These teamwork bonuses include increased damage output and longer-lasting Pokémon defending gyms. However, they may face disadvantages when battling against Team Valor or Team Mystic players due to the type effectiveness of their Pokémon.

All in all, joining Team Instinct brings a unique gameplay experience to Pokémon Go, offering perks that cater to players who value individuality, trust their gut instincts, and have a preference for raising Electric-type Pokémon.

Does Team Choice Impact Gym Battles And Raids?

Gym battles and raids are an essential aspect of Pokemon Go gameplay, where trainers compete against each other or team up to defeat powerful Pokemon. The team choice a player makes at the beginning of their journey can have a significant impact on their success in these battles.

When it comes to gym battles, the team a player belongs to determines their alliances. Players from the same team can join forces to defend their team’s gyms, increasing their chances of holding onto them for a longer time. Additionally, team members can place their own Pokemon in these gyms to support their team’s dominance.

In raids, where players gather to take down a powerful Raid Boss, team choice can influence the number and strength of participants. Trainers from the same team can coordinate and combine their efforts to defeat the Raid Boss more effectively. This can result in better rewards and a higher chance of capturing the Raid Boss.

It is important to note that while team choice contributes to gym battles and raids, individual skills and Pokemon selection also play critical roles. Choosing a team that aligns with a trainer’s playstyle can enhance their experience and make battles more enjoyable and successful.

The Role Of Team Choice In Pokemon Trading And Competitions

Choosing a team in Pokémon Go goes beyond simply representing personal preferences or style. The decision can significantly impact a player’s ability to engage in the trading system and participate in competitive gameplay.

When it comes to trading Pokémon, team choice plays a crucial role. Trading can only occur between players who are on the same team. This restriction means that players may miss out on potential trades with friends or fellow trainers who belong to a different team. Thus, team choice can limit a player’s trading opportunities and hinder the ability to complete their Pokédex or obtain specific Pokémon.

Additionally, team choice influences the participation in competitions such as Gym Leader Challenges or team-based tournaments. Often, these events favor players from a particular team, providing exclusive perks or bonuses to members. For instance, Gym Leader Challenges may grant additional attack power or defense boosts to Pokémon that belong to the same team as the gym leader.

Ultimately, the role of team choice in trading and competitions goes beyond mere aesthetics. It directly impacts a player’s ability to interact with others, trade Pokémon, and succeed in competitive gameplay. Therefore, carefully considering the implications of team choices should not be overlooked for dedicated Pokémon Go players.

In-Game Events And Bonuses Based On Team Membership

When it comes to team choice in Pokemon Go, players may wonder if their decision has any impact on the game beyond aesthetics and team-specific gyms. Surprisingly, Niantic has implemented various in-game events and bonuses that reward players based on their team membership.

Throughout the year, Niantic hosts special events specifically catered to each team. These events range from exclusive raids and challenges to increased spawn rates of certain Pokemon that align with each team’s theme. For example, Team Valor members might expect events featuring fire type Pokemon, while Team Mystic enthusiasts may enjoy events centered around water type creatures.

Additionally, being a part of a particular team can grant players unique bonuses. These bonuses can include increased item drops from PokeStops, boosted effectiveness of certain types of Pokemon during battles, or shorter egg hatching distances for specific team-related Pokemon.

While these events and bonuses are not overly game-changing, they provide an extra layer of excitement and incentive for players to engage with their chosen team. It adds a sense of camaraderie and loyalty among team members, ensuring that team choice in Pokemon Go goes beyond mere aesthetics and fosters a deeper connection to the game’s community.

Social Interactions And Community Engagement With Team Choice

Choosing a team in Pokemon Go goes beyond just selecting a color or mascot; it also has a significant impact on social interactions and community engagement within the game. When players join a team, they become part of a larger community of like-minded individuals who share a common goal.

Team choice fosters a sense of camaraderie and encourages players to connect with others who have made the same decision. Whether it’s through in-game chats, local meet-ups, or online forums, players often find themselves engaged in lively discussions, strategy sharing, and friendly competition with fellow members of their team.

Furthermore, team-based events and activities promote interaction between players from different teams, fostering a healthy sense of competition while also encouraging collaboration and teamwork. This can lead to the formation of bonds and friendships with players who may have initially been seen as rivals.

Moreover, team choice can have a profound impact on the social dynamics within a particular play area. Local communities might organize team-specific gatherings, tournaments, or challenges that further promote engagement and create a sense of belonging.

In summary, team choice in Pokemon Go not only affects gameplay but also serves as a catalyst for social interactions, community engagement, and forging connections with fellow players in the real world.


1. What is the significance of choosing a team in Pokemon Go?

Choosing a team in Pokemon Go is important as it determines your interactions with other players and the overall gameplay experience. It allows you to join a community of players who share the same team, collaborate in raids, claim and defend gyms, and participate in team-specific events.

2. Does the choice of team affect the Pokemon you encounter?

No, the choice of team does not directly affect the type or frequency of Pokemon you encounter in the game. Pokemon encounters are determined based on your location, time, and various in-game factors. However, team choice indirectly affects gameplay as it influences the types of gym battles and raids you participate in, which can impact the Pokemon you acquire over time.

3. Can I change my team after choosing one?

Initially, choosing a team in Pokemon Go is permanent, and there is no in-game option to switch teams. It is crucial to consider your decision carefully as it might profoundly impact your gameplay. However, some rare instances have allowed players to change their teams through special events or limited-time offers, but these opportunities are extremely rare and not guaranteed for all players.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the team choice in Pokemon Go does matter and has a significant impact on gameplay. Each team has its own unique qualities, strategies, and objectives, affecting the way players engage with the game. From team battles and raids to gym ownership and camaraderie with fellow team members, the chosen team ultimately shapes the overall experience and interactions within the Pokemon Go community. Therefore, selecting a team should be a thoughtful decision as it determines the path and dynamic of gameplay in this immersive augmented reality game.

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